ďDedicated to providing Advanced & Compassionate Eye CareĒ


DRISHTI EYE FOUNDATION is a reputed Eye Hospital equipped with sophisticated and state of the art Ophthalmic equipments. Since it is establishment in the year January 2007, it has blossomed into a premier Eye Hospital of Uttar Pradesh.

The Hospital has a team of experienced Ophthalmoligists in different sub- specialities providing the best and latest eye care facilities to its patients with dedicated patient care in the field of Ophthalmology.

This Eye Care Organisation is one of the few facilities in Meerut which has received the NABH (National Board Of Hospitals ) Accreditation on the basis of our high standards of Medical care and patient safety protocols that we follow explicitly at our centre.

We are aware and conscious of our Environmental responsibility and thus 

the recommended Biomedical waste management protocols and energy management.

The Staff at Drishti Eye Foundation is aware and practices Patient Safety measures such as use of Identification bands and regularly conduct SafetyDrills- Code Red, Code Blue, Code Pink etc.

‚ÄúLights On Services We Provide‚ÄĚ

Drishti Eye Foundation is a Daycare Eye Surgery center providing comprehensive, specialized and advanced Ophthalmic Care. We are providing the latest treatment modalities in the various sub-specialities such as Topical Phacoemulsification for Cataract with Foldable & Multifocal lens implantation .Ours was the first Centre in western UP to start Topical Cataract Surgery (without injection) MICS, Toric Multifocals, Toric-IOL, Refractive surgeries viz. Wavefront guided Customised LASIK. Glaucoma diagnosis, management & treatment, Cornea, Retina & Oculoplasty services along with Ultrasound A-B Scan for the eye. We have a good track record for providing excellent care to the patients & high levels of patients satisfaction.

We have trained a Oculoplastic Surgeon for Squint, DCR & Orbital Surgeries.

Drishti Eye Foundation has been accredited by NABH as an Eye Care Organisation on the basis of High standards of medical care, Qualification of Doctors, Equipment, Medical Treatment facilities, Paramedical staff & quality of healthcare services.

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